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Buying brand-new devices are not always the most economical choice when refurbished products are around. There are several reasons for refurbished IT products being a better solution for business, 6 of which we talked about in this article. Buying refurbished products is cost-efficient, and gives you a high-quality product. Refurbished devices are usually delivered quickly, and come with a long warranty. You will access good tech support and help the environment at the same time by buying refurbished products.

Schools and institutions

Children must learn how to use computers as they prepare for jobs in an era when more and more jobs rely on computers and digital systems. Affordable equipment is essential for schools so that students can develop the skills they need without being vulnerable to cyberattacks. Schools could be equipped with refurbished ICT equipment to solve this problem. 

Big savings: Refurbished products are cheaper to buy than brand-new ones. Schools can save money on a product they won't have to replace anytime soon. Thus, less money would be spent on school ICT upgrades, which could be used for other purposes. 

Top-quality products: All existing data is erased when products are refurbished. This method restores the products to their original state to retain their value. 

Environmentally friendly: Purchasing refurbished equipment can help schools become more environmentally conscious. Schools have a growing emphasis on the environment, so children must learn how to protect the environment. Purchasing refurbished equipment will decrease the amount of E-waste that schools generate by extending the life of IT equipment. Doing so can contribute to a circular economy and a more sustainable future.

Retailer distributor

We provide refurbished products in the best possible condition. With our tested, inspected, and cleaning products, we can meet your customers' expectations.

  • More savings compared to New devices
  • More affordable and comparable prices
  • with superior performance and strength
  • Shipping door to door is available

All our devices represent our business and we want to ensure that we will always be as good a reputation for our customers as possible.

IT service providers

A strong and sustainable system is one of the most important factors for an IT service provider. Having highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable IT professionals with a background in computers as part of our team, we serve you with high-quality products. By using refurbishment, you can contribute to protecting the environment.

Rapid Solutions International is looking for distributors, representatives, and agents in the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and CIS regions to represent and market its IT products and services.