Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling

E-waste, commonly known as e-waste or e-waste, refers to the waste generated from excess, broken, obsolete electronic equipment that is no longer reusable or recyclable. Electronic products contain a variety of toxic and hazardous chemicals and materials that can be released into the environment if not disposed of properly. Electronics recycling is the process of recovering raw materials and materials from old electronic equipment to be reused in new products.

Rapid Solutions International has certified facilities in the United Arab Emirates that are certified to the highest available e-waste disposal standards and can shred up to 1 billion pounds of electronics annually. This makes us one of the largest capacity e-waste processors in the industry.

Rapid Solutions International's proprietary state-of-the-art e-waste shredding, CRT glass cleaning systems, flat panel video display device processing (LCD, LED, plasma), and photovoltaic/solar panel recycling technologies enable Rapid Solutions International to turn each device into a commodity for further recycling and feedback into new products.

All materials are processed at Rapid Solutions International's e-waste shredder facility.

This process allows Rapid Solutions International to reduce materials such as plastics, metals, and glass to the level of separated cargo. The final product is sent to downstream processors, all of whom are screened and pre-approved through Rapid Solutions International's stringent downstream supplier management program.

Rapid Solutions International's fully integrated operations and advanced proprietary technology allow Rapid Solutions International to have the smallest downstream footprint in the industry - meaning less supply chain hassle and the assurance that no electronics end up in landfill or non-functional electronics are exported to developing countries.

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