On-Site Services

On-Site Services

As the UAE's largest fully integrated IT and electronics asset disposition company, Rapid Solutions International also specializes in cybersecurity-related hardware destruction.

In contrast to sending their IT assets to our facility for destruction, many clients prefer or need to destroy them on-site instead. Electronic destruction vehicles owned by Rapid Solutions International make this possible.


On-site services we offer

A secure electronic destruction vehicle can come to your location instead of sending IT assets to  Rapid Solutions International's facility. These vehicles can dispose of hard drives, cell phones, computers, tapes, CDs, and other electronic equipment.

Additionally, Rapid Solutions International can provide clients with a secure data bin that can be used to collect and destroy assets. In order to keep all assets safe until our destruction vehicle arrives, the steel-plated bin can be locked.

The IT assets will be taken inside the truck, where our professionals will count or serialize them. As part of the destruction process, clients will be provided with certificates of destruction for all IT assets destroyed.
Clients can keep watch over their assets during the destruction process since they are destroyed inside the vehicle. After the process is complete, the shredded materials will be transported to an ERI facility. Our team will then remove metals, glass, aluminum, and other recyclables from the materials.


On-Site shredding is the best way to protect the Environment

Disposing of legacy information technologies through on-site shredding is also environmentally friendly as we do not use chemicals at any point in the process. This is because it is not harmful to the environment or people. Shredded materials are also fully recyclable, so nothing shredded in our vehicles ends up in a landfill.


How secure are the On-Site Services

One of the concerns of customers is that the data of their IT assets will somehow be compromised when the assets are transferred to a recycler for destruction. With on-site shredding, this is no longer a concern, as assets are not moved from the customer's premises until they are destroyed.

The process we use to shred IT assets in our vehicles complies with all global standards regarding the destruction of sensitive data and IT assets and is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the data being compromised or recoverable after the device is lost.

Additionally, all of our employees are specially trained to handle sensitive data, and each employee's background is carefully checked before hiring. The reliability of our employees combined with our innovative destruction process should give our customers peace of mind about the security of their sensitive data.


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