Lease Return Services

Lease Return Services

Some of the key benefits of using Rapid Solutions International's lease return services include:

Cost savings:

By ensuring that all assets are returned in a timely and efficient manner and that penalties and fees are minimized, Rapid Solutions International helps businesses save money on the overall cost of returning their leased assets.


Rapid Solutions International's services help ensure that businesses remain compliant with all data protection and environmental regulations when returning IT assets.


Rapid Solutions International works with each customer to develop a customized lease return program that meets their specific requirements.

Value maximization:

By implementing cleaning, labeling, repair management, and data sanitization processes, Rapid Solutions International helps businesses maximize the return value of their IT assets.

Tracking and reporting:

Rapid Solutions International provides detailed reporting and tracking services to ensure that businesses can monitor the progress of their leased assets through every step of the return process.

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