Why can refurbished IT be a better solution for businesses?

Why can Refurbished IT be a Better Solution for Businesses?

Buying brand-new devices have advantages, but is it always necessary to buy new products? And should be buying brand-new electronics our default option? Many IT equipment users are used to setting the life cycle of their electronic devices much shorter than the actual life. They think the life of a device ends when a new generation comes into the market. But not every business needs new equipment every five years. Many businesses prefer to continue using their current systems and purchase refurbished IT equipment.

As more and more companies recognize the advantages of using refurbished products, buying refurbished is getting popular. A refurbished IT equipment, which is used equipment that has been reconditioned, is in a like-new condition. The equipment undergoes many diagnostic tests in the refurbishment process, and its non-functional or broken components get fixed. This process results in a device qualified as a refurbished product, as it brings up the product to the same standards as brand-new products have.

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Reasons to buy refurbished IT equipment

You may wonder why buying refurbished IT equipment can be better than buying a new one. Here are the six main reasons:

1. cost-efficient

The main reason for purchasing refurbished equipment is to save money. Refurbished electronic devices are not new anymore, and there are newer models or versions of the device available on the market; this reduces the value of the refurbished product. When buying refurbished IT equipment, you are saving 40 to 60 percent of the selling price of the same equipment in new condition. You can use this saved money for other more profitable purposes.

2. High quality

The quality of the product is much important whatever piece of equipment you want to buy. If the price of a device is low and the device does not work well, there will be no point in the lower price. Refurbished hardware has been gone through tests and detailed assessments by qualified technicians. Refurbished IT equipment sometimes has better specs than the original manufacturer’s. These are the factors that make refurbished equipment a safe and high-quality solution.

3. Quick delivery of the equipment

Large and more complex orders from hardware manufacturers can take a long time and be a complex process. Usually, there is refurbished equipment in large warehouses that are ready to be delivered to the customer immediately, which takes much less time. Moreover, refurbished IT equipment is usually available from multiple suppliers at multiple locations, so the purchasing process is quite easy. When buying refurbished electronic devices, there are many options and much flexibility.

4. Support

The tech support you will access after buying a refurbished product from a refurbished product distributor is the same as the support you would have got when buying a new product. It means that if you encounter any problem with your refurbished IT equipment, you can call the distributor you have purchased the product from for help. This kind of support is much cheaper than mainstream support hardware vendors offer. Third-party maintenance (TPM) companies may support hardware sold by several vendors at the same time.

5. Long warranty

Refurbished products’ distributors usually offer warranties longer than usual. In many cases, technical support will cost you a lot if provided by the manufacturer. In some countries, clients cannot receive support due to their location.

6. Eco-friendliness

Buying refurbished products is eco-friendly. In the refurbishment process, they extend the lifespan of an existing device without any adverse effects on its reliability or functionality. Not only does it help the customer buy a cheaper product, but also it decreases electronic waste and environmental pollution. It is the reason behind calling this branch of industry “GreenIT.” Although this is not the main factor to consider when deciding about upgrading versus maintenance, it is good to keep in mind.

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Final words

Buying brand-new devices are not always the most economical choice when refurbished products are around. There are several reasons for refurbished IT products being a better solution for business, 6 of which we discussed in this article. Buying refurbished products is cost-efficient and gives you a high-quality product. Refurbished devices are usually delivered quickly and come with an extended warranty. You will access good tech support and help the environment at the same time by buying refurbished products.